Why Cost Shouldn't Be a Concern to Advance Your EHR

Nov 16, 2023
Article Background

Advancing your electronic health record (EHR) system is crucial in the increasingly digital healthcare world. It’s not just an extra feature but a must for better patient care, smooth operations, and legal compliance. Unfortunately, there’s a roadblock: high costs. Upgrades can be expensive, with significant starting costs and never-ending upkeep fees. It’s enough to make any healthcare organization pause.

Evident’s nTrust program changes the game by taking the worry about costs out of the picture. Now, getting the latest EHR technology doesn’t have to drain your budget. With nTrust, healthcare teams can put their energy where it counts: helping their communities stay healthy without stressing over dollars and cents.

The Financial Burden of Traditional EHR Advancements

Cost is the biggest obstacle to EHR implementation. Attempts to modernize EHR systems are often shadowed by the daunting financial commitment required:

  • Startup/setup costs: There are substantial upfront fees to consider, which cover the purchase of new software and hardware.
  • Maintenance costs: The financial outlay continues with ongoing maintenance costs, regular updates, and potentially unforeseen expenses related to system evolution.
  • Training/education: There’s a need to invest in training for medical staff and administrators so they can adeptly navigate the new system.

These financial hurdles can act as deterrents, causing many healthcare facilities to hesitate or even forgo necessary EHR advancements. This hesitation can impede a facility’s ability to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. More importantly, it can hinder the quality of patient care. But what if these invasive costs weren’t the obstacle they traditionally are?

The nTrust Approach

Evident’s nTrust program offers a revolutionary solution to the financial barriers associated with EHR system enhancements. By introducing a shared-risk payment structure that eliminates the need for hefty upfront payments, nTrust enables healthcare facilities to adopt the latest EHR technologies without the economic sting.

The shared-risk payment plan aligns the interests of healthcare providers with those of their EHR vendor. The nTrust program’s “no upfront fee” model is a game-changer, particularly for small to midsize healthcare centers and rural providers that often face the most financial challenges. Under this plan, costs are correlated with the facility’s success metrics, ensuring the investment in new technology isn’t just a purchase but a partnership aimed at achieving better patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Doctor looking at tablet

Unlimited Access to EHR Advancements With Predictable Costs

The nTrust program simplifies the financial aspect of EHR advancements by granting facilities unlimited access to the latest EHR technologies without major capital expenditure investment. This access isn’t limited by fluctuating costs or additional fees for new features or updates. Instead, it’s governed by a predictable, flat-rate licensing fee.

This structure allows healthcare providers to budget with confidence, knowing their investment in a modernized EHR system is fixed and transparent. There are no hidden costs and no surprise bills for upgrades or add-ons — just a straightforward, predictable cost that enables providers to focus on what they do best: providing excellent care to their patients with the support of cutting-edge technology.

Healthcare Success is Increasingly Contingent on EHRs

Taking the next step in healthcare doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with EHR upgrades. With programs like nTrust, the financial stress is taken off the table, letting clinics and hospitals of all sizes step into the future of healthcare.

It’s time to leave behind the worry of big bills and welcome a world where advanced healthcare technology is accessible, affordable, and transformative in people’s lives. The future is here, and it’s friendly with your budget.