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nTrust Bundle

Do more with more.

As a healthcare provider, you want to invest in the latest technology to provide your patients with best care possible, but financial constraints can make difficult. That’s why we designed our nTrust program. With nTrust, you get access to our RCM solutions and future products with no upfront costs, maintenance or licensing fees. We simply extract a percentage of your collections to cover our costs, meaning we don’t get paid until you do!

Cash Flow crunch, living payroll to payroll.

Cash Flow crunch, living payroll to payroll.

Unforeseen costs can have disastrous consequences for facilities operating with cash flow crunch and running payroll-to-payroll.

Generating revenue but not collecting.

Generating revenue but not collecting.

Generating revenue is always a good thing, but missing out on collections can really drag down your finances.

Staffing shortages throughout the revenue cycle.

Staffing shortages throughout the revenue cycle.

Staffing shortages throughout your revenue cycle can slow down reimbursement, damage cash flow and create costly gaps in your capabilities.

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A program you can trust.

The nTrust Bundle guarantees your facility access to all current and future EHR products in a shared risk program, with only a percentage of your improved collections being used to cover TruBridge’s cost.

Product Features

nTrust Bundle

  • No upfront costs
  • No maintenance costs, now or in the future
  • Access to all current and future product innovations with no additional license fees
  • See results that matter, 24% decrease in AR days or a 13% increase in cash collections
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Get more for less.

Rest and work easier knowing that all existing and future products, software enhancements and updates are 100% yours. Never pay license or maintenance fees. Our program can improve your overall clinical and operational performance without putting a strain on your budget. In fact, each nTrust client saves an average of $150K in software and maintenance fees alone.

Results that really matter.

How does a 24% decrease in AR days or a 13% increase in collections sound to you? nTrust clients enjoy both on average. That’s because our team of experts follow best practices and leverage the best products that can make a real difference for facilities like yours.

Experience less risk.

Since nTrust is based on a percentage of your collections, your exposure to risk is reduced. If you have any concerns about potential staffing issues, rest assured we have options available. Focus on improving your finances with less to worry about.

What TruBridge Can Help You Achieve

Reduction in AR Days By 33%

Learn how one nTrust client went from struggling to cover payroll to expanding patient services in less than a year.

Increase Cash Collections By 134%

In less than a year, one hospital more than doubled their collections thanks to nTrust.

Product Recommendations of 96%

96% of TruBridge RCM clients and 100% of CBO clients would recommend the product & service.

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