CPSI To Rebrand as TruBridge, Inc.

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CPSI To Rebrand As TruBridge, Inc.

New Brand Reflects Company Commitment To Clear The Way For Care.

MOBILE, Ala. (February 22, 2024) – CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI), a healthcare solutions company, today announced that the Company is rebranding and changing its name to TruBridge, Inc. (“TruBridge”). In a strategic move to streamline its offerings, enhance its market presence and position the Company for future growth, the Company is consolidating its diverse portfolio of solutions under a unified identity. CPSI will officially transition to TruBridge on Monday, March 4, 2024, when its common stock will begin trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under its new ticker symbol TBRG.

The name change reflects the Company’s recent transformation, leveraging its strengths and expertise to deliver a more cohesive and comprehensive suite of financial and clinical solutions. With a singular focus on addressing the technology needs of today’s complex healthcare environment, TruBridge will continue to deliver its industry-leading suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) offerings and utilize data-driven tools and insights that deliver workflow efficiencies and remove distractions.

With this consolidation, TruBridge brings over four decades of experience as a trusted partner to healthcare providers, helping them navigate through a complex and ever-changing industry. TruBridge has been at the forefront of helping clients across all care settings to drive improved financial health. Now, TruBridge will also continue the legacy created by CPSI and the former Evident electronic health record (EHR) business to support more efficient care delivery in small, rural community hospitals and clinics. Importantly, TruBridge is committed to offering the same exceptional support and high-touch service that its now combined client base has come to expect.

“As one company, TruBridge is collectively focused on bridging gaps in healthcare, empowering providers and improving financial and clinical outcomes through the timely delivery of solutions that solve real problems in the communities we serve,” said Chris Fowler, president and chief executive officer of CPSI.

“We embarked on a transformation journey over two years ago to align our products and services more effectively with market demand. Following market research with our employees, clients, and other stakeholders, it was abundantly clear that the TruBridge brand has a solid reputation and more accurately reflects our current strategic focus and planned growth trajectory.

“As healthcare organizations increasingly look to outsource their RCM process, TruBridge is a trusted name that brings the right experience and expertise to meet their needs. We are fortunate to have a loyal customer base of healthcare providers who will continue to benefit from the unmatched value that is synonymous with the TruBridge brand. We remain steadfast in our mission to help communities thrive and promote equitable access to quality healthcare for all. This commitment extends to the over 1,500 clients we serve, our exceptional team of employees, and our shareholders,” added Fowler.

The Company will be unveiling the TruBridge brand at ViVE®2024 (Booth 1344) taking place on February 25 – 28, 2024, in Los Angeles, California.

About CPSI

CPSI has over four decades of experience in connecting providers, patients and communities with innovative solutions that support both the clinical and financial side of healthcare delivery.  We provide business, consulting, and managed information technology (IT) services, including our industry leading HFMA Peer Reviewed® suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) offerings, to help streamline day-to-day revenue functions, enhance productivity, and support the financial health of healthcare organizations.  Our patient engagement solutions provide patients and providers with the critical information and tools they need to share existing clinical data and analytics that support value-based care, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.  We support efficient patient care across an expansive base of community hospitals with electronic health record (EHR) product offerings that successfully integrate data between care settings.  We make healthcare accessible through data-driven insights that support informed decisions and deliver workflow efficiencies, while keeping patients at the center of care.  We are a healthcare solutions company. We clear the way for care. For more information, please visit www.cpsi.com.

About TruBridge

We are a trusted partner to more than 1,500 healthcare organizations with a broad range of technology-first solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of diverse communities, promoting equitable access to quality care and fostering positive outcomes.  Our industry leading HFMA Peer Reviewed® suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) offerings combine unparalleled visibility and transparency to enhance productivity and support the financial health of healthcare organizations across all care settings. TruBridge has over four decades of experience in connecting providers, patients and communities with innovative solutions that create real value by supporting both the financial and clinical side of healthcare delivery.  Our solutions champion end-to-end, data-driven patient journeys that support value-based care, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.  We support efficient patient care with electronic health record (EHR) product offerings that successfully integrate data between care settings. Above all, we believe in the power of community and encourage collaboration, connection, and empowerment with our customers. We clear the way for care.  For more information, please visit www.trubridge.com.

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