Revenue Cycle Disruption Services

Don’t let a backlog of old claims disrupt your revenue cycle

Get paid for every dollar of care you've provided

Staying on top of insurance claims, patient accounts, reimbursement models and government regulations is a constant challenge for providers. You need to get paid quickly for every dollar of care you’ve provided.


Our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions offer a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to decrease AR days, manage insurance follow-up, accelerate payments, and optimize productivity. A key component of these solutions is our Clearinghouse Service, which provides the added benefit of conveniently and securely submitting your medical claims data to insurance carriers. With prescreening to ensure no errors or inaccuracies, this service results in fewer denials, faster reimbursements, and greater regularity in your revenue cycle.

AR Recovery

AR Management Service at Trubridge helps you achieve collections goals and prevent staff burnout. Our experts handle aging small-balance co-pays and low-dollar insurance claims, ensuring consistent cash flow and that your specific needs are met. This customizable service offloads excess work from your staff and streamlines your reimbursement process, resulting in a net gain for your facility.

  • Convert potential write-offs into cash with expert handling of aging small-balance co-pays and low-dollar insurance claims.
  • Clear old claims or let our experts manage "old" accounts while your staff focuses on new claims.
  • Quickly generate cash to cover outstanding expenses.
  • Customize our service for temporary or ongoing support, addressing specific accounts or aging categories.
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Interim Staffing

Keep things moving with our Interim Staffing services. We provide experienced professionals—from HIM staff to interim leaders and consultants—to stabilize operations and ensure a smooth revenue cycle. This service integrates seamlessly with your team, offering immediate relief to your resource issues.

Because when you’re staffed for RCM success, you can move forward with confidence.

  • Access experienced professionals, from HIM staff to business office management.
  • Tailor staffing for temporary or ongoing needs, onsite or offsite.
  • Highly qualified professionals start within days, no training needed.
  • Benefit from experts who quickly stabilize your RCM, ensuring confidence and continuity.

Insurance Follow-Up

Following up on old claims is tedious and time-consuming. The Insurance Follow-Up Service at TruBridge can help. Our experts manage old claims, recover revenue, and reduce staff workload. We handle aged accounts by intervals and payor types, letting your team focus on collections.

50-70% of denied claims are recoverable. Let us help you reclaim those lost dollars.

  • Accurate follow-up reduces AR days, enhancing cash flow and ensuring payment for all care.
  • Solution adapts to your needs—temporary or ongoing, handling claims aged 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.
  • Our experts act as an office extension, managing calls, refiling, and audit reviews to ensure claims are paid.
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This service was built to put your reimbursement process on the fast track, automating and eliminating its most troublesome areas while maintaining security compliance.

  • Electronically process healthcare transactions like claims submissions, remittance advice, eligibility verification, and claim status.
  • Ensure your healthcare transaction data meets industry standards and regulatory requirements, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.
  • Enable your providers to track the progress of claims through the reimbursement process.
  • Utilize tools and features for insights into billing and claims processes, including metrics on claim acceptance rates, denials, and key performance indicators.

TruBridge HFMA Peer Reviewed Services

The TruBridge RCM Product Suite offers healthcare organizations of all types and sizes the ability to maximize their reimbursement while increasing productivity. From patient eligibility and liability to managing denials and contract management, the TruBridge RCM Product Suite empowers organizations to choose how to accelerate their revenue cycle and get paid every dollar they are owed.

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