Population Health and Data Management

Population Health

Improving health outcomes for your community.

Our integrated Population Health Management solution offers providers features to improve quality performance while increasing revenue and reimbursement. Advanced analytics provide an exhaustive overview of a community’s health, enabling execution of care coordination programs to close gaps in care. Access to alternative payment models and programs help alleviate resource constraints. New tools improve outcomes for your entire community.


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Keeping your community thriving.

Using integrated data analytics, operation-enhancing technologies and alternative payment programs we can help boost your facility’s financial health and better equip you to care for your entire community.

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Product Features

Population Health

This program uses the latest analytics and leading technology solutions to give providers better insights into their community’s health and the financial and operational efficiencies necessary to provide quality care.

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Identifying Health Trends
  • Monitoring Disease Incidence and Prevalence
  • Assessing Access to Care
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Care for your whole community with TruBridge's Population Health Management solution.