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Emergency Department

When every second counts.

In the emergency department, time is not a luxury. Immediate, accurate and actionable information is very important, and you can count on our Emergency Department solution to make sure you’re getting it. This solution synthesizes all information about incoming patients from every point of care—their medications, lab results, care history, previous inpatient stays and more—and delivers it to your emergency department care teams with speed and precision.

Standard EHR workflows don’t pertain to an emergency department atmosphere.

Standard EHR workflows don’t pertain to an emergency department atmosphere.

The emergency department atmosphere demands a level of speed and efficiency that standard EHR workflows aren’t equipped to deliver.

Standard EHRs aren’t designed to facilitate the speed the ED needs.

Standard EHRs aren’t designed to facilitate the speed the ED needs.

Standard EHR navigation can result in valuable time being spent searching for relevant patient data rather than focusing on direct patient interaction. What is needed is fast data entry, quick navigation, and immediate access to critical information.

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When every second counts, you can count on us.

Our Emergency Department solution lends critical efficiencies and optimizations to your workflows allowing for the timely delivery of accurate and actionable patient information, allowing for rapid decision-making and care delivery when it matters most.

Product Features

Emergency Department

This solution streamlines critical aspects of your emergency department workflow and EHR systems to guarantee your physicians have the most complete information to make the best possible care decisions in the shortest time possible.

  • See Results that make a difference: one hospital’s emergency department quickly saw improvements in charting accuracy by 56% along with a reduction in medication reconciliation time by 50%.
  • Make well-informed decisions and speed the delivery of care during time-critical situations.
  • Build accurate, comprehensive notes that lead to better care once the patient leaves the emergency department.
  • Achieve Provider Adoption: 40-point increase in provider utilization in just six months.
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What TruBridge Can Help You Achieve

Increase Charting Accuracy By 56%

The fast-paced nature of emergency care often leads to the challenges of maintaining precise and detailed charting accuracy as healthcare providers strive to balance speed with thorough documentation.

Decrease in Medication Reconciliation By 50%

Facilitates quicker and more efficient identification, verification, and documentation of a patient’s current medications, reducing the time required for this critical task.

Increase Provider Utilization By 40%

Helps allocate provider resources more efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring that providers are engaged in patient care activities rather than waiting periods.

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