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Clinic Application

A solution specifically
made for clinics.

Free up time for your staff, keep your practice running smooth and your patients on the mend with our Clinic Applications product. This solution covers the full spectrum of business and patient information management activities, from scheduling to accounting and insurance claims processing. Automated workflows help reduce complexity and workload for your staff and can be customized to suit your unique needs. Patient records and documents are automatically updated at every encounter, so you’re always working with the latest information. And with more time to focus on your patients, they can leave confident they’re receiving the best care possible.

Standard EHR workflows don’t pertain to a clinic atmosphere.

Standard EHR workflows don’t pertain to a clinic atmosphere.

Standard EHR workflows aren’t designed with the needs of the clinical atmosphere in mind, forcing clinicians to make do with a less-than-optimal solution.

Standard EHR features are limiting.

Standard EHR features are limiting.

Time-saving features like appointment scheduling and reminders aren’t included in standard EHRs but are available in our own Clinic Application solution.

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Helping clinics do more.

Our Clinic Application product will help improve the quality of care your facility can provide with customizable workflows, centralized patient information management, template-driven documentation and integrated financial tools.

Product Features

Clinic Application

This solution will deliver a noticeable reduction in the amount of time your staff spends managing information, operational and financial tasks, making more time for patient care.

  • 66% reduction in turnover times
  • 80% reduction in charting times
  • 40% reduction in time for triage
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What TruBridge Can Help You Achieve

Decrease in Turnover Times By 66%

TruBridge can help make sure all of your resources are being used to their fullest potential.

Decrease in Documentation Time By 80%

Reducing your documentation time gives providers more productive time with patients and greater capacity to see patients.

Decrease in Time for Triage By 40%

When every moment counts, every second saved can make a difference.

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