Take control of your revenue cycle


Revenue Cycle Management

Accounts Receivable Management Service

Keep your cash flow strong and consistent

  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Shorten revenue cycles
  • Increase cash flow
  • Overcome staff shortages and turnover
  • Enhance patient services

Hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges in the timely management of accounts receivable. Talented people are harder than ever to recruit and retain, while constant changes in insurance billing requirements reduce efficiency. TruBridge has the size, talent and resources to help you meet your financial and customer service targets.

Our comprehensive solutions provide streamlined operations leading to reduced A/R days and increased cash collections. Our customers typically see A/R days reduced by 24% and cash collections increased by more than 13%.


Private Pay Service

Collect all the patient revenue that you've earned

  • Increase cash receipts
  • Reduce days outstanding
  • Minimize bad-debts
  • Preserve strong patient relationships and community standing

In today's healthcare environment, ensuring the timely management of outstanding private pay account balances can be a particularly difficult and costly task. At stake is not only the ongoing strength of each hospital’s cash positions but also its reputation for community service and compassionate care.

TruBridge can help. For nearly 30 years, we have served the healthcare industry, which gives us a special understanding of the urgency and sensitivities involved in minimizing private pay receivables. Our clients see that understanding reflected in the 37% average increase in private pay cash receipts that we typically achieve for them.


Medical Coding

Code accounts quickly and accurately to streamline the revenue cycle process

  • Accurate
  • Timely
  • Reliable

The fiscal health of today’s healthcare organization relies largely on consistent cash flow. With thin operating margins, maintaining timeliness and accuracy throughout the revenue cycle is of critical importance. Delayed payments and claim denials can have an enormous impact on a facility’s ability to meet its financial obligations. TruBridge understands these obstacles, delivering mission critical services for key operating areas.

  • Eliminate the frustration of finding and retaining trained staff
  • Services tailored to your specific coding needs
  • Independent quality assurance reporting ensures accounts are coded correctly
  • High accuracy and quick turnaround times improve cash flow


Revenue Cycle Consulting

Streamline your operations with Revenue Cycle Consulting

  • Assess and identify challenges related to business operations
  • Uncover opportunities for efficiency improvement
  • Establish best practices-based operational capabilities

Building a better operation starts with knowing where you are and where you need to go. TruBridge Revenue Cycle Consulting gives you the understanding you need, based on our experience and deep expertise. Using this insight we’ll work with you to chart a course for transformation and see it through to completion.

  • Revenue Cycle Assessment and Redesign Services
  • Upfront Collections Education Engagement
  • Customized Revenue Cycle Engagement


Additional Insurance Billing Support Services

Improve your bottom line with uncollected revenue

  • Reduce claim delays and denials
  • Ensure full and fair reimbursement of every claim
  • Determine Medicaid eligibility of every self-pay patient
  • Increase revenue without adding staff

Staying on top of your operations takes quality resources that are dedicated to serving your organization’s mission. Today, the realities of running a healthcare organization of any size can make it tough to deliver the quality of service your mission requires. Staying ahead of the complex and increasing revenue cycle workload is challenging. Our comprehensive, efficient services provide you with the additional assistance your business office needs to meet these challenges.

The Insurance Follow-up Service will help you capture revenues you may now be losing and identify roadblocks to faster claims reimbursement.

Get the reimbursements you’re owed, strengthen claims auditing procedures, and quickly detect practices that yield lower reimbursements while improving cash flow and cost of recovery.

Generate more revenue and reduce Medicare Bad Debt. Avoid the headaches that come with the difficult patient enrollment process with our Medicaid Eligibility Enrollment Service.


Additional Patient Billing Services

Increase patient satisfaction with improved efficiency

  • Improve business process efficiency for greater productivity
  • Generate accurate, timely billing statements for high customer satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a primary concern healthcare organizations. Patients are increasingly requesting more detailed, patient-friendly billing statements and additional payment options. At the same time, hospitals are searching for ways to make their staff as efficient as possible by automting and streamlining existing processes. TruBridge can help reduce the workload on your staff with additional patient billing services.

  • 1-Pay
  • Statement processing



Ensuring you have a robust revenue stream is not an easy task. With ever-changing rules and regulations, it’s a full time job just keeping up. With TruBridge Revenue Cycle Management Services, you have the support needed to maximize your revenue through a variety of methods.