TruBridge Represents the AI Needs of Rural Communities

John Lynn
May 20, 2024
Article Background

Rural areas represent 20.0% of the U.S. population, a percentage that has actually increased recently. TruBridge has joined a consortium of experts called the TRAIN program (standing for “Trustworthy, responsible AI network”) to make sure that these experts take into account the needs of rural residents and the health care sites that serve them.

Rural areas, even though they are not quite the melting pots of large cities, can be quite diverse. Wes Cronkite, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at TruBridge, refers in this video to an instance where AI was in use in a rural area and failed to recognize problems in a small minority population.

TruBridge is still in early stages of figuring out where AI can be useful to its customers, but is seeking to get administrative tasks “off their plate.” They use OpenAI services without sharing sensitive data.

Watch the short video for more details about TruBridge’s work.