TruBridge Partners With Multiview To Enhance Financial Solutions

Slice of Healthcare
May 09, 2024
Article Background

Key Highlights

  • TruBridge selects Multiview’s ERP software as the preferred financial management solution, integrating with its EHR system.
  • The partnership promises enhanced interoperability and efficient care delivery for community and rural hospitals.
  • Over four percent of U.S. hospitals already use Multiview products, attesting to their effective financial applications.
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Notable Quotes

  • “Our top priority is to provide the best solutions for our clients, and we believe Multiview offers more value at greater speed than other alternatives,” – Chris Fowler, CEO at TruBridge
  • “We are excited to bring our affordable, powerful solution to TruBridge clients at a broader scale across the community and rural healthcare market,” – Michael Johnson, President and CEO at Multiview

SoHC’s Take

This strategic alliance between TruBridge and Multiview marks a significant step towards optimizing financial management solutions for healthcare providers, particularly in community and rural settings. By leveraging Multiview’s robust ERP system, TruBridge aims to streamline operations and improve the financial health of its clients, ultimately facilitating more efficient care delivery. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to enhancing the capabilities of healthcare organizations, promising to drive better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.