Talent Tuesday: Preparing the Healthcare Workforce for AI

Article Background

The era of AI, machine learning and robotic process automation in healthcare is here. Many of healthcare’s most laborious, repetitive, and mundane administrative processes will be either fully replaced or significantly automated in the years ahead.

However, there’s a challenge for hospitals and health systems. Alongside the need to deploy AI they continue to struggle with workforce challenges. Staffing shortages are common and new skill requirements have emerged. There is a tremendous gap between the innovative technology of today and the legacy healthcare workforce, especially in operational and administrative functions

Today’s Talent Tuesday is brought to you by FINN Voices and TruBridge. Listen in as host Beth Friedman talks to Amaris McComas, Chief People Officer at TruBridge. TruBridge is an innovative health company that is successfully transitioning from legacy health IT to digital health solutions through a people-first culture and an agile work environment. Amaris shares valuable insights on such essential steps as upskilling, career mapping, and building a learning organization. As hospitals and health systems implement AI, Amaris’s lessons from TruBridge ensure internal teams are well-prepared for future success.

Key Takeaways:

Investment in staff is essential to meet to the demands of the modern healthcare workforce.
Education, upskilling, and career mapping programs support employees on their professional journey, and in turn, help healthcare organizations succeed.
People are at the heart of every healthcare provider organization. Embodying a people-first culture puts the workforce at the forefront, recognizing the value and potential for growth in each employee.
Years of experience may be less important than advanced skills in the future, and staff must be ready to meet this challenge.