Is Innovation an Overused Idea?

Gil Bashe
Feb 28, 2024
Article Background

Some Conferences Attract the Edgy Ideas of Tomorrow – ViVE 2024 Draws the Champions of Change Needed Now

ViVE 2024 continues to project the unique voice of the CHIME and HLTH collaboration.  While some industry gatherings are measured by scale and others by their tight-knit tribe, ViVE has sought to be the home for people tired of the health industry’s dysfunctional and fragmented approach to care delivery.  But the 8,000 or so attendees don’t come to ViVE to complain – they come to change. They are leaders and innovators, idealists and disrupters. More importantly, they are centered around collaboration to make a difference.

In the first three days of this Los Angeles gathering, I’ve had the chance to pop in on countless sessions, swing by exhibits that occupy large and small footprints and chat with C-Suite voices from some of the nation’s most prominent health players and most promising start-ups.  But as Sheba Medical Center’s Chief Innovation Officer, Eyal Zimlichman, MD, MSc, thoughtfully reminded a filled-to-capacity room during one session: “Sometimes the challenge is not the technology or innovative approach.  It can be in the implementation.”

Several companies caught my attention during three days at ViVE.  Unexpectedly, the most impressive are enterprises that aren’t swinging for the bleachers of change but those who make incremental improvements in the health ecosystem, leading to better patient care and putting a lid on spiraling costs. More and more, there is a need for meaningful changes now.  What happens tomorrow is theoretical. Keeping the health system chugging ahead translates into keeping doors open to patients who might not have access to care.

Companies at the Forefront of Health Information and Innovation

The financial reports of the hospital system reflect the growing number of struggling care systems. Information is the lifeblood of patient care – but it’s also the navigational tool for hospital executives to build sustainable systems. ViVe was the setting for breaking news.  TruBridge is a new player on the scene with a heritage that spans four decades.  Numerous companies joining legacy company CPSI as acquisitions have united under this new brand identity.

While the name is new, the company continues to offer highly regarded revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions that enhance productivity and integrate financial operations across acute to post-acute and ambulatory settings. But rallying all its companies under one corporate identity clarifies for customers how TruBridge services, products and talent weave together and project the scale and strength of a mega sector player.

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