Healthcare leaders and Microsoft team up to promote ‘responsible’ integration of AI and medicine

Tracy Brown Hamilton
Mar 12, 2024
Article Background

A consortium of healthcare leaders unveiled the Trustworthy and Responsible AI Network (TRAIN) during the HIMSS 2024 Global Health Conference in Orlando, Florida, yesterday. The network aims to apply responsible AI practices to enhance the quality, safety, and reliability of AI in healthcare.

Beyond mere task automation, AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and medical industries, reshaping patient care by contributing significantly to disease diagnosis, crafting personalized treatment plans, and assisting clinicians in critical decision-making processes.

However, the transformative potential of AI in healthcare also creates ethical, social, and legal questions that demand careful attention before widespread adoption. Establishing stringent standards is key to ensuring the responsible and effective application of AI, to ensure data privacy, bias mitigation, and the preservation of human expertise.

TRAIN members will enhance AI quality and reliability by sharing best practices relating to the safety, reliability, and monitoring of AI algorithms, along with the necessary skill sets for responsible AI management.

TRAIN will also establish a secure online portal for the registration of AI used in clinical care. The network will provide essential tools for measuring outcomes associated with AI implementation, emphasizing best practices for studying efficacy and value in healthcare settings, and assessing potential bias.

In addition, TRAIN will play a pivotal role in the development of a federated national AI outcomes registry, enabling organizations to collectively share real-world outcomes relating to the efficacy, safety, and optimization of AI algorithms.

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