From CPSI to TruBridge

Tsani Gramatikova
Feb 29, 2024
Article Background

CPSI (Computer Programs and Systems, Inc.), a trusted partner to more than 1,500 healthcare organizations with a broad range of technology-first solutions, is rebranding as TruBridge, Inc. This change, set to take effect on March 4, 2024, addresses the limitations of the original name. While CPSI is descriptive, it failed to fully encapsulate the brand’s expanded focus and broadened offerings in the healthcare solutions space.

The new brand name, TruBridge, reflects the company’s commitment to consolidating its diverse portfolio, enhancing its market presence, and positioning itself for future growth.

The President and CEO, Chris Fowler, points out that this rebranding results from thorough market research and aligns with the company’s strategic growth plans. TruBridge aims to continue and build upon CPSI’s legacy, focusing on efficient care delivery, especially in rural community hospitals and clinics.

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