Behind the Bell: TruBridge

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In this episode of Behind the Bell, TruBridge President & CEO Chris Fowler speaks to why the company chose to make Nasdaq home four decades ago and what’s in store for TruBridge going forward.

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Continue to look for that thing that’s around the corner that’s going to allow you to innovate and continue to push and continue to grow.

The company started 45 years ago and we have continued to evolve over the last four decades but continue to keep that mission really at the heart of who we are.

Even though today’s the launch of Trubridge, we have been on the Nasdaq exchange for 22 years now.

We have seen tremendous growth over those last 20 years. Going from roughly 600 employees then to more than 3000 now.

60 million in revenue to over 350 million in revenue now. So we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the company, in the scale and what we’re able to offer.

From our perspective, Nasdaq is that platform for us to be able to make our success available to everyone else.

To the people that want to be a part of the story and be a part of the investment and part of our success.