Innovating Tomorrow's Healthcare Solutions

Making Dreams a Reality

A solution set, a mindset, an approach to driving innovation at TruBridge. At the forefront of our company’s innovative spirit, the Dream Factory leads the journey to uncover revolutionary ideas.

We orchestrate innovation tournaments and leverage partnerships with leading academic institutions to merge the academic with the business realms, kindling the imaginative solutions of the next era. We oversee our idea portal, facilitating a forum for our clients to make suggestions directly to our Product Owners. The Dream Factory turns the dreams of today into the tangible innovations of tomorrow by bringing together current technology, an agile operating model, and elite talent – all in a very efficient manner, which is an absolute must in today’s healthcare environment.

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Turning Good Ideas Into Great Solutions

Dream Factory gives our clients and employees the opportunity to submit requests and ideas for new solutions and product innovations. A collective internal pipeline helps guide ideas from concept to implementation, with focus on efficient, effective delivery.

  • Innovative mechanism for client requests to get routed to Product Owners for review through our Ideas Portal
  • Annual challenges to foster an innovative culture throughout the company and creative innovation solutions to problems
  • Modern Data Platform for Advanced Analytics - 5+ internal/external packages built and more to come
  • A robust interoperability platform integrating data seamlessly across systems
  • Automated testing capability to supplement existing QA processes

Innovative Solutions With Real Impacts

19 teams, 78 employees

Formed to see who could come up with the biggest idea to change the game in community health.

Our employees rose to the occasion, presenting game changing ideas in community health and healthcare at large.

600+ Thriving/Centriq Sites

Clincal data uploaded into Unify, TruBridge's FHIR-based interoperability platform.

TruBridge's Innovation team developed a robust interoperability platform that facilitates our ability to process, analyze, and model data on an aggregate level, yielding insights passed down to the client.

More than 110 Insights Available

Data Platform is helping serve more than 100 insights to over 120 internal users.

Data platform built using lakehouse architecture in Azure went to Production mid-2023 and since then we served 120 internal users the insights they need to make data-driven decisions.

TruBridge Builds a "Dream Factory" and Gets Results from its Employees and Clients

TruBridge’s chief technology and innovation officer gives a detailed look at the company-wide innovation project, and describes the products and features that resulted – including a support ticketing system that uses generative AI. 

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